Migraine headaches affect up to 18% of women and 6% of men. They can be disabling to onešs enjoyment of life as well as ability to work. While modern drugs do offer some welcome relief of symptoms, they are not able to treat the root of the problem and prevent its recurrence.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a saying: "where there is free flow, there is no pain." Consequently, poor circulation of energy and blood in the head are the causative factors. Powerful "unblocking" herbs and acupuncture are used to restore proper flow as well as to cleanse and cool the liver. The healthy functioning of this organ is essential to maintain proper circulation in the whole body.

A study in China treated 65 cases of migraine with a compound herbal formula. The decoction was taken one dose a day for 10 days. The results: 20 cases resolved, 25 cases much improved, 16 cases improved, and the remaining 4 cases did not respond to the treatment, with a total effective rate of 93.9% (Yunnan Journal of TCM and Chinese Drug. 1999;20(1):27.)